Corner Suite Bistro— Celebrated my achievement in aging last weekend with a dinner with my closest friends. I had heard good things about Corner Bistro and adore French food, so I decided on this quaint place.

The ambiance of this place is great. The turquoise chairs had a great impact and I loved the slits on the edge  tables which were used to hang our napkins. There are also hooks located under the table to hang our purses which is a wonderful idea!

With all the chit chatting I didn’t really get a chance to review the menu closely and was frazzled by the large drink menu that they had. It was so comprehensive that it even needed a Table of Content. With no strong ideas, I decided to try the 24/7  which is a daily 2 course tasting menu. With so much noise around me I didn’t get a full description of the food, so I will give my best interpretation.

First Course: Duck deep fried in a unique pastry

This was very tasty. The portion was small but it had big flavors with a great complimenting fruity sauce.

Second Course: Fish (sorry for blurry picture)

The second course was fish. It was very flaky and fresh, however it was a little too salty for me which concealed the sweetness of the fish and made the dish a little overwhelming. Overall, It was a good dish.

French Onion Soup

My friend ordered this and I just had to try it. It was deeply flavored and cheesy. I would have to say one of the best French Onion Soup I have tasted.

croque madame, house-made sea salt & vinegar chips, salad

I found this dish so interesting. It’s a cheese sandwich with an egg on top served with salad and potato chips. Didn’t get a chance to try this but it’s definitely something that I would love to indulge for brunch.

station 7 burger, thick-cut bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, onion, bbq sauce, frites

Organic Beer. Never knew there were such a thing=)

One of the guys ordered an Organic Beer which I was impressed with because I have never heard of such a thing.

It was light, something close to a Corona.

Most of the others had  The beef tenderloin & frites, blue cheese butter, arugula. They really enjoyed the beef tenderloin, however most people thought that the frites were a little too salty. I say overall, this is a great place for drinks and casual food. I would suggest items of the normal menu in order to capture the real essence of the bistro. The atmosphere is great and the service was good. I would definitely come back and try the brunch menu and something of the regular dinner menu as well.



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