The Crab Pot—It was Easter long weekend, so I took a short trip down to Seattle. It was a great idea cause I really needed a change of scenery.

We didn’t arrive to downtown Seattle until 7:00pm and we were starving! There were 2 choices that contemplated us. It was either The Cheesecake Factory or The Crab Pot. We have been to both restaurants a few times but decided on The Crab Pot cause we wanted seafood.

When we arrived at 7:30 ish, there was a HUGE line up. I wasn’t too shocked since it was prime time and The Crab Pot is such a fun place. We quickly added our name to the list and was told that it was an hour wait.  Even though we were starving, we decided to wait cause we were craving it at this point. To kill time, we grabbed a Clam Chowder from a grab and go vendor next door (which I think is owned by Crab Pot) and checked out the Pirate gift shop and the Pier Arcade.

The hour flew by and it was time…for our seafood feast!

Why is The Crab Pot so special and fun?? Cause you eat from the table, with your hands and a bib!

The main seller and attraction of Crab Pot is their Crab Pot SeaFeast. There are 4 different types to choose from which ranges from $15.95-$34.95/per person, depending on the seafood you want. I would say the most popular one is the WestPort which includes: Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, Shrimp, Clams, Mussles and more.

The SeaFeast is literally served on the table in front of you with all the necessary utensils needed to devour such a feast. The servers even bib you up! Can eating get anymore fun??

The flavour of the seafood was great, however the shrimp wasn’t as fresh as it could be and a bit dry. Overall, the SeaFeast was super fun!

The Crab Pot is definitely a great place for family and friends. It is full of fun eats. A must try in Seattle.

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