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I have been to a few corporate parties and I would have to say the EA party that I attended over the weekend was the best of the best. It was held at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel with three different rooms, great food, fun atmosphere, casino tables, Karaoke, fun photo booths, dancing and an ice sculpture vodka bar.

The main area with food and dance floor

The Vodka Bar

The Dessert Room

Do it yourself Mash Potato Bar

Mash potato with cream truffle sauce, green onions and cheese! YUMM-O!

Organic grill cheese, Yam fries, Salmon patty, chicken wellingtons

Chocolate Mouse lollipops!

Society- Located in the heart of Yaletown lives the Society Dining Lounge. The establishment is apart of the Glowbal Group with a chain of great restaurants. I have been to all of them and had a high expectation for Society.  The main concept for the restaurant is comfort food with a twist.

I recently attended a birthday celebration there and had the chance to indulge in a few different goodies.

cotton candy drink

The drinks at Society is definitely fun. There are delicious milkshakes that range from spiked to non-alcoholic. If it wasn’t so late in the day I would have absolutely tried one! The Cotton Candy drink was very unique however I found it a bit too sweet.

Pissaladière Pizza

This pizza was very delicious. It is a thin crust with caramelized onions, goat’s cheese, black olive tapenade, roasted red peppers. Tasted very fresh!

Baked Lasagna

kobe meat sauce, tomato fondue, roasted peppers, herbed ricotta. It sounded delicious on the menu however it tasted very ordinary. Definitely had better else where.

(This is when the night took over and I wasn’t able to take pictures =(..sorry!) We also tried the Mac n Cheese Balls  which was Mac n Cheese deep fried with jalapeno, white cheddar. The first few bites were great however the jalapeno was a little over powering and couldn’t taste anything else.

For dessert we were given the dessert platter aka The junk food platter filled with cotton candy, caramel popcorn, doughnut holes, cupcakes, cookies, rice crispy, Oreo milk shake. It was a very fun plate with lots of yummy treats. This was the highlight of the night. The platter has everything needed to satisfy any sweet tooth. It is a must try I would say!

Society is a great place to lounge and enjoy some of you old favorites however not a place to truly indulge in great cuisine.


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Found this great new application for iphone called ContactPlus.

ContactPlus tells you exactly WHERE and WHEN you met anyone in your iPhone Address Book!

It uses your iPhone’s GPS to save the location you add a contact, and with a single touch you can view the location on a map.  In addition, this App will also show the date and time that you added this contact.

ContactPlus uses your iPhone’s address book to store the data so you know it will always be there – even if ContactPlus is removed from your iPhone. The “RECENTLY ADDED” view also gives a list of all contacts you’ve added in the last few weeks, starting with the most recent.  Perfect for the day after a big conference or party!  This even works for contacts that you added before you installed ContactPlus.

Why do you need this application?

As you frequently meet new people ranging from business associates to acquaintances, it’s very difficult to keep track of who everybody is in your address book.  Using ContactPlus, you can now remind yourself exactly where and when you met an individual.


My favourite food sparkles from the Riu Resort

Unlimited amounts of fresh fruit juices. On the table: Papaya, Pineapple, Celery+Apple+Carrot, Beet Juice.And yes I drank it all=)

Deep Fried Platter from the Steak house. One of our A La Carte dinners. Deep fried: oysters, mushrooms, prawns and chicken wings.

The biggest steak dinner I have ever had…..

My favorite dessert: Pan fried Pineapple topped with coconut ice-cream, and drizzled with chocolate and butterscotch sauce!

Chicken Fettuccine in pesto cream sauce

Grilled Salmon infused with a pistachio spinach sauce

The biggest cream puff ever! Loves!

The special coffee that we lined up for and couldn’t handle. Took a sip and choked from the large amount of alcohol. Looked over and saw a grandmother absorb the drink in two gulps *embarrassed*

Did a last minute escape to Cabos San Lucas this past week and had the best time. We stayed at the Riu with an all inclusive package which meant eating, drinking and more eating anytime I wanted….=) The resort also hosted shows and activities daily to keep all the guests entertained. There were Spanish lessons, water aerobics, beach volleyball, tennis games and much more. We also rented jet skis to tour around Lover’s Beach and a car to drive to  Todo Santos which is home to “Hotel California” …from a song if any of you can remember =)

Beautiful Sunset by Lover’s Beach

Lounging Pool Side

One of many many meals….


Did the steak house for dinner one of the nights. Look at the size of the steak?!?

No one really warned us about the drive to Todo Santos. We ended up driving back to Cabos after sunset and it was one of the most dangerous rides I have been on. No lights, cows, windy roads, dirty, huge semi-trucks. Will never drive there after dark again….so glad we made it back to our resort that night!

My beautiful work of art =)

Can’t wait to be back……

Look at this! The new Braised Beef Poutine. Big chunks of Angus beef with cheese curds, mushrooms, carrots and fresh cut fries. The beef was actually really flavorful and tender. I didn’t get any mushrooms slices but overall delicious! How can it go wrong?

Must try the Butter Chicken next time!

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